Find A Way To Roam The World

They say your vibe attracts your tribe. I knew this to be true when I first started a conversation with the We Roam team. Passionate leaders who radiate possibility into the world. The kind of people who leave you feeling fired up after a five minute conversation. My kind of people.

                                                                                     Sean Harvey ,  Blaine Anderson ,  Nathan Yates

                                                                                   Sean Harvey, Blaine Anderson, Nathan Yates

For years, I’ve dreamed of finding a way to travel the world, BUT a few little things kept getting in the way. First, I’d need some cash money. I’d need a need a job that would allow me to the money. And the job would have to be really special, because I’d need to be able to work from wherever in the world I wanted to work.

And so I did a lot of Googling, Pinteresting, dreaming and scheming. I wrote a sticky note to myself that would live on my bedroom wall for years — “FIND A WAY.”

My Safari search history looked a lot like this:

“How to see the world?”
“How to travel and work remotely?”
“Cost of living in Portugal”
“Jobs for Americans in Rome”
“How the F can I find to find a job that will allow me to see the world?????”

You get it…

For a long time, the options in response to my search didn’t fit the mold of what I was looking for. There were gap year programs out there, but I didn’t want a fratty travel experience, I wanted to find something that would allow me to transform my personal and professional life simultaneously. Sure, I may have been asking for a lot, but when you know, you know. And why settle for anything less, am I right?

So I stayed the course and flip flopped between feeling content and feeling extreme levels of angst about pursuing the big travel dream. Until finally, a worthy possibility surfaced — We Roam: a remote work and travel company for serious professionals. I started following them on Instagram and Twitter and was instantly mesmerized by their worldly adventures.

I poked around their website and saw a job listing for a marketing role. I reached out within hours, and heard back later that week. We started a conversation that would span several weeks. As we got to know each other, I could feel a revolutionary shift taking place.

The people of We Roam were visionaries with a mission to redefine the (9–5) world as we know it. They’re providing an opportunity for personal evolution, and a promise to enhance not only the life of a Roamer, but also the organizations in which they participate in.

So I would be pursuing my own dream, AND I’d also be a part of something so much bigger than myself. I’d be a player in a game changing role for all of the dreamers (Pinterters and Googlers) out there who were searching for a bigger way of living.

It was a Friday morning at 4am when I saw an email come across my screen from Nathan Yates. It was a moment in time that would change everything. I’d start in Belgrade, Serbia in June. I’d live with four other newbies on staff. I would have my dreamiest of dream jobs.

Reality finally sunk in when I boarded the plane from JFK to Belgrade. It was a take a big breath — you’re in for the time of your life — kind of moment. As the engine revved and the wheels went up, I couldn’t help but smile, a big huge smile, because for the first time in a long time I felt this feeling that I’d never, ever, ever had before. It was a really good feeling.

For all of the adventurers out there, we’re making big moves and launching another trip around the globe. If you’re interested in learning more and joining on, take a read through Nathan’s latest blog.

Or you know, just apply here.

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