Cool Girls Stand Up & Speak Out

I was four miles into the Seattle Zoo Loop and Tove Lo’s Cool Girl started blaring in my brain. "I'm a, I'm a, I'm a cool girl, I'm a, I'm a cool girl…” This happens to me quite frequently while running. I can’t turn it off, turn it down, or change the channel. One pesky lyrical line just beats on until the run is over. Stuck on repeat. Over and over and over again.

While not the point of the song, it got me thinking… of all the times I tried to “play it cool”. Be the girl that the guys like. Take a sexist comment and let it roll off my back. Because I’m a cool girl. The word pussy doesn’t offend me. Because I’m a cool girl. Chalk it up to locker room talk. Because I'm a cool girl. 

And then something big happened on Saturday. I marched with a group of badass, feminist women and men. The coolest of the cool. And I realized what a cool girl really is. 

She recognizes she has a voice. And isn't afraid to use it. 

She surrounds herself with cool dudes. #respect

She's not afraid to defend what she believes in. 

She recognizes that she has the power to move mountains. #staywoke

She knows that the measure of any society is how it treats it's women and girls. 

She's not afraid to take back offensive language. 

She's bold and brave enough to stand up and speak out.

And she surrounds herself with a girl gang that keeps her strong, keeps her fighting, and keeps her cool.