This is a blog about running and life. Not at all about feathers. Feather just happens to be my name in the social media world. 

Running used to be the number one player in the game of my life and now it just happens to be my favorite past time. 

When I'm not training for a race, I'm running for the pure joy of it. To feel the ground beneath my feet. To breathe deeply. To gain strength. To honor my body and give back to it. 

This blog is a space for of the wild ideas that pop into my head when I'm twelve miles into a long run. Two laps into my last 1200m repeat. Ten steps from finishing a half marathon. Three weeks out from a 5k on the track. Or five minutes into a 30 minute easy run. 

I'm running to dream. And I'm getting better one step at a time. Join me in the journey.